Comment TODAY on the Gila Forest Plan

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The Gila National Forest is revising its forest management plan for the first time since 1986. Your input is urgently needed on how the forest, the Gila River, Wilderness, wildlife, and other natural resources are managed for the next 20 – 30 years.

The draft plan was officially released on January 17, kicking off a 90-day public comment period that ends April 16. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, conservation groups asked that the Forest Service keep the public comment period open until we are able to safely and effectively engage in the public participation process, but the agency has re-affirmed this deadline.

Early reviews show that the Gila’s draft management plan falls far short. Instead of identifying and protecting wildlife migration corridors, Wilderness areas and Wild and Scenic Rivers, and incorporating the need to address the climate crisis, the Forest Service’s draft plan is insufficient.

Learn more about the Gila Forest Plan by watching this webinar:

You can also access additional information in this resource folder:

Help us ensure that the Gila National Forest is managed for ecological integrity in the face of climate change and that eligible Wilderness areas and Wild and Scenic reaches of the Gila are protected by submitting your public comment TODAY. The deadline to submit comments is April 16.

We want you to write personalized and substantive comments. Tell the Forest Service how you would like to see Gila National Forest managed by clicking on the button below.