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Wilderness Art – cancelled

Butterflies of the Gila – schedule change from 9/18 to Saturday 9/20 – meet at Visitors Center at 1pm

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Key Questions Remain Weeks Before Interstate Stream Commission Makes Decision

Silver City, NM 8/11/14 – In its final Appraisal Report of Gila River diversion and storage alternatives to inform New Mexico’s decision under the Arizona Water Settlements Act (AWSA), the Bureau of Reclamation estimates project costs for a Gila River diversion, storage reservoirs, pipeline to Deming, and water treatment at approximately $800 million. The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) is scheduled to make a preliminary decision on whether to move ahead with a Gila River diversion project at its August 26 meeting, yet critical questions remain unanswered regarding technical, financial and environmental feasibility of the project. The Albuquerque Journal reports that ISC Director Estevan Lopez will propose postponing the preliminary decision until reports are completed. READ MORE

GCC Comments on BOR Appraisal Report

Norm Gaume comments on BOR Appraisal Report



Report Shows Gila Diversion At Risk for Fatal Flaws

Silver City, NM – 6/24/14– The Gila Conservation Coalition sent a letter on Monday to Interstate Stream Commission (ISC) chairman, Jim Dunlap, outlining how commissioners were misled by staff about conclusions of an independent engineering review by RJH Consultants (RJH) of the Gila River diversion Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) prepared by Bohannan Huston (BHI). The conclusions were contradicted by the FY15 Gila Diversion work plan prepared by staff and approved by ISC Commissioners at their meeting in June. The work plan claimed that RJH confirmed that the BHI study was “adequate for conceptual level project planning,” but RJH found that “several project components were not adequately addressed in the PER and it is currently unknown if these components represent significant technical challenges or potential fatal flaws….for storage reservoirs and dams, project water availability, and Gila River sediment.” There are currently no plans approved by the ISC to evaluate issues identified by RJH as high priority and critical to determining if the Gila River diversion project is fatally flawed from a technical or financial perspective. Though over $1 million was approved by the ISC for the first half of FY2015, it is unclear what the ISC will do with this funding and if answers to key questions raised by RJH will be addressed. READ MORE